When You See A Cool Rock….

What do you do?

Do you pick it up to throw it?Throwing Rocks Jewelry

Do you pick it up to gaze at the colors and texture?Holding rocks

Do you put it in your pocket for good luck?




Do you put it in a box for safe keeping?box image


Do you wonder what it is?Polished Stones Question

Do you know what it is?Stone exclamation

Do you like how it feels? rock in hand

Do you wonder how it is made?Rocks are made

Do you think about how you can show it?

Chrysocolla rock

Can you wear it?agate drusy jewelry








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Carnelian, An Amazing Stone for Autumn Jewelry

I love carnelian!  I love the brilliant orange shades, the shiny crystal, and the pure color.  They make a piece of jewelry “pop”!

Carnelian RingCarnelian Stones are not only a beautiful bright orange form of Chalcedony, they are known for their healing properties!  Carnelian is known to stimulate creativity, and to help with personal success. Carnelian helps with negativity, and assists with concentration.  It is also believed to  help rid yourself of angry emotion.  Wearing Carnelian might even help with relief of joint pain and stiffness!

Carnelian Half Moon Earrings Jewelry

While I cannot substantiate any of these claims,  isn’t it just fun to think that there are healing properties of crystals and stones?  And if we DO get health benefits–then that is icing on the cake!



Maple Leaf Chalcedony Pendant in Sterling Silver

If you would like to know more about this amazing stone check out this information from Charms of Light

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Please let me know what you think of Carnelian!  I would love to know!

Loving Rocks

Loving Rocks and Jewelry

She receives an Ametrine Earring and Necklace Set for her Birthday, made by SilverSpiral Creations

Any of you who know me, know that I love rocks and jewelry.


I have since I was a child, and I don’t really know why or how it started. To me, rocks and minerals are part of Nature’s art. Much like we create art, nature uses elements for her canvas, and they are fire, air, water and earth. The major difference between art created by us and art created by nature is time. It can take nature from a season to millions of years to create her art, and for us humans it might take an hour, a day, month, or a lifetime.


Loving Rocks

Showing off her jewels and new Rockhound T-shirt

So who loves rocks, and how does it start? I have had the pleasure of meeting some very young children who are already rock hounds (one of them is pictured here in this post)  and I feel a kinship towards them, partly because they are girls, like me.  I remember how excited I was to find a new cool rock, fossil, or crystal. I also remember how great it was to get a gift of rocks, especially if it came as a necklace, bracelet or ring that I could wear (when I was young, pierced ears were not a “thing” for young children, or I would have wanted earrings as well).
Now many years later, I am making those wearable rocks, fossils and crystals. I just love to share nature’s art, and I really love sharing this passion with children. I really believe that connecting our children with the earth will help them to appreciate our natural resources and make them want to preserve and protect our world. I also believe that nature’s art will inspire creativity for jewelry and other arts. Just go outdoors and look at some of the color pallets that nature creates! We think WE are artists, but nature has us beat for sure!

If you would like a custom made piece of “rock jewelry” from SilverSpiral Creations, please click here to order!

Have You Ever Seen Polychrome Jasper?


Polychrome Jasper

a beautiful stone with natural colors of teal, lavender, greens, yellows, creams and browns. Sometimes you will see polychrome jasper in a “ribbon form” but if you are lucky enough to score jasper like these, they can make a “scenic” jasper. The artist who cut these stones. (Rogue Gems, otherwise know as Sparklequest on Etsy, really knew what he was doing).

When I spotted these cabochons for sale–I just had to have them. It is so rare to find them like this, and what beautiful jewelry they make! They are rare, and therefore a bit pricey–but you know that no one will have stones just like these. I do have them for sale polychrome2as of the time of this post–and believe me–I doubt they will be there for long! You can find them here.

We had a Makeover!

Well—Sort of.  My whole website is brand new and I am super excited!


Like any makeover, you have to give up certain ideas so that you can have a new look.  And you have to be willing to take a risk for that new ‘you’


I got to thinking—don’t we do that already? Don’t we use new materials, take some risks, think of new ways of doing things?

I am the first to admit that technology, especially web technology, is intimidating.  I am fortunate to have a person who is able to build websites, take my ideas, and make them look better.  And believe me—it is more than worth it!

I thought that when I started SilverSpiral Creations, I could do it all—just build a website, create my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, write a blog—and I would absolutely have no problem keeping up with it all.

 I remember thinking that once my website was up, I wouldn’t have to do anything else!

 I couldn’t be any more wrong!!!

What was really the final straw (so to speak), was when my website was compromised by someone who just wanted to have a little fun.  Luckily, that’s all they did, but it was enough to give me a good fright.

Without getting too technical, the outcome is that we now have our own server, and we are hosting our own website.

So what is so new about this site?  The blog is built into the home page, saving lots of time.  I have links to my Etsy store, Facebook page, a comprehensive gallery and overall, the site looks more organized, is cleaner and user friendly.

The best part of all, is that my web developer is my brother, who tirelessly worked on this website and will continue to improve it over time.  I can’t begin to thank him enough!  He does not want his name here, as he is quite modest, but I do think he did a fabulous job!   screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-37-34-pm

Believe me!  I know just how lucky I am.  And because of this, I have time to keep up with my social media, revisit the SilverSpiral Creations Newsletter, and to bring you new and interesting information about our world of nature and jewelry.


I hope you will browse through the pages, and leave me a comment about what you think!


Cheers!    Lynne

Is HandCrafted Jewelry Becoming Obsolete?

With Computer Assisted Design and 3D Printers–Jewelry Design is changing—does this mean that jewelers can no longer make a living by creating their jewelry by hand?  Does this mean the end of brick and mortar jewelry stores?  The end of “Handcrafted?”

istock_000007676349_largeIn March, I attended the MJSA conference, which is a jewelry manufacturing show, where vendors demonstrate the latest and greatest  gadgets to make your jewelry.  They also had on site workshops and demonstrations.  It was here where a well regarded guru presenter told us that unless we learned CAD-CAM, we would never be able to make a living being a bench jeweler. (CAD-CAM is a jewelry design computer program that offers 3-D imaging in a very realistic form that looks like a photo of a real piece of jewelry).

He also said we would also need to invest in a 3-D Printer to create wax designs to send off to have cast–you can make one or thousands of the same design.  Wait—What????

Not only that, but he said jewelry stores will be obsolete.  Soon, most will buy jewelry on line or in big box stores.

Watercolor illustration of diamond crystals - seamless pattern

Watercolor illustration of diamond crystals – seamless pattern

WOW!  And the person sitting next to me confirmed that she closed her jewelry store in NY and she showed me her 3D designs–she sells her jewelry online in this way.  They looked like real pieces–and she said they don’t even exist—yet.  A customer would order it, and she would promise it to them in 3 weeks–it gets sent off to be cast, and a jeweler would then finish it off (polish, set the stone, and so forth).  

Wow again!  I sat there, very deflated.  I don’t want to do CAD CAM.  I don’t want to send a computer design, I want to hand design something–to create a piece of art by hand.  I want to take the sheet of metal, and saw, hammer, shape, form, file, sand, solder and manipulate the hell out of it, to come up with something different.

I can’t put my soul into a computer program.

I can’t put my soul into a computer program.  I can only put my soul in a piece that I worked from beginning to end.  I don’t want to make a thousand of the same thing.

peach1My pieces are far from perfect–they are not machined–but they have character.

And then the lightbulb

came on over my head…My customer doesn’t want one of a thousand either.  My customer wants to be independent, wants to express, is organic, natural, wants art, and will search for the piece that matches her/his personality, mood and sense of style.

Maybe I will never be wealthy as a solo bench jeweler.  Maybe I will be among a shrinking group of jewelry artists who make pieces from beginning to end.  But what I will have is an artistic soul that will remain intact, and customers who treasure their pieces for what they are….

rings1Lynne Patnode is a jewelry artist whose mission is to create wearable jewelry art from Nature’s most beautiful stones, sea glass, and artifacts.  She also creates glass art jewelry to emulate nature’s beauty.  Her website is SilverSpiral Creations





If You Want Something Done….

Give it to a Busy Person…

This is a statement I have heard more than once in recent times. I wonder what that really means.  Does it mean that if you have too much to do that you organize better?  Or does it mean that as we fill up our lives with activities, chores and obligations that we are in a survival mode?

Young businesswoman multitasking isolated on white

How about the other side of this coin?  If we don’t have enough going on, do we become complacent or lazy?

I have to say that I create my own “busy-ness.”   So many times I get asked to do things and I rarely say no.  I often hear my colleagues and friends express the same sentiment.  I am sure this happens to many of you.


I think that on some level, we are flattered that someone thinks enough of our competence to ask us to participate, and therefore we must “accept” the charge.  We look at the calendar, see that the date is free and say “sure, I can do that!”  But when we actually have to complete the task, we ask ourselves “what was I thinking?  I should never have said I would do that.”

business woman overwhelmed with so much work


And then it comes time to meet your own duties and goals. Often, when you are busy, you let some of these things go, because after all, you are not a superhero.  To the outside world, you look like you are amazing, because you have met all of your external obligations which are all of those things you said “yes” to and had to get done.

I guess I am not the superhero I would like think I am.  I have let my blog be one of those goals that fell through the cracks.  Whenever I had a moment to write, I felt paralyzed.  It was almost as if I was being defiant, as if the dialog I was having with myself was “I have been too busy, and just for that, I am NOT going to write!”  Some other personal goals have fallen short as well, including my own Jewelry Business.

It was almost as if I was being defiant, as if the dialog I was having with myself was “I have had too much to do, and just for that, I am NOT going to write”. 

Are you one of those busy people who “over-accept?”  I sure would like to get better at saying “no” to those things that make my life crazy.  All of us “busy” folks need to re-assess what is truly important to do.

 All of this talk about decluttering our spaces—what about decluttering our lives?

Let me know what you think.    How will you “Declutter” your life?  Now back to making my jewelry!istock_000020448352_medium

Lynne Patnode is the owner of Silverspiral Creations whose mission is to create wearable jewelry art from nature’s most beautiful stones.  She also creates fused glass jewelry art inspired by nature.



What is Your Gemstone Personality?

Personality and Gemstones


Did you ever wonder about your personality and how it resembles some of the gemstones you love or hate?    Did you ever think about the how the color or type of gemstone relates to you personally?

To get to the heart of these questions, I did some research on the meanings of gemstones to find out more about how they fit into our daily lives.



Here are some of the impressions and facts I found:

  • Gemstones represent wealth, power, status, beauty, assurance, and protections
  • For centuries, many cultures believed hiding gemstones in garments or against your chest would provide health and protection. 
  • Gemstones are from deep in the earth, many believe they hold answers to life’s questions that we must face.
  • Gemstone colors represent how a person is perceived–strong, weak, emotional, wealthy or poor



So How Do Gemstones Relate to Personality?

Many people believe that the stones you choose relate to your personality.

I think the best way to answer this question is by looking at the “meaning”  attributed to each gemstone, and extract your personality traits based on the stones you are drawn to.  There are many such charts available online, and from what I can tell, most are in agreement with each other.  I have an open mind about the metaphysical properties and meanings of these gemstones, and when I compare the stones that I choose with the properties, I find them to be pretty close to my feelings about who I am.  Here are some charts you can look at, for you to decide for yourself!

Mystic jewel        Free Spirit Emporium        Crystal Guide     Healing Crystals

I would love to hear from you!  Do you have a personality that relates to a gemstone?  If so, which one!  For example, one of my favorite gemstones is fluorite (as pictured above) and I am a person who is always seeking peace (I have always been a peace maker).  Fluorite is a stone that helps with inner peace.

So,  do you think this is a stretch?  Or do you believe in this?  I would love to know!

Have a wonderful and peaceful week, everyone!

Lynne Patnode 

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Envy or Desire? What is it Really?

The other day, I was speaking with a co-worker (I work in a school system during the day), and we got on to the subject of envy.  You see, she is one of those people everyone admires.  She can be a powerhouse and I envy her for her ability to keep her home beautiful, and for her amazing garden designs (she is a master gardener).  Sometimes, the envy is so strong, I start to feel bad about myself.Single Family Cape Cod Home

Now my home is  what you would call  “lived in”,  and my gardens have some weeds–only some of the hardiest flowers survive.  Don’t get me wrong, my house is presentable, it is just not the presentation that her home is.

My friend finds this to be natural for her, and she did not seem to understand why this would be difficult for me.

On the other hand, she told me that she envied  me!

She wished she could make jewelry out of stones and glass (she is one of my best customers) and would give anything to have that ability—and she told me that she feels bad about herself for not having that ability.

I have always believed that you can do what ever you desire!  I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t take some  metals classes and learn about jewelry making.

Well–of course she could take classes and learn to make jewelry.  And I could take classes and become a master gardener, if these are things we really DESIRED…  So what is Desire????

agatebracelet4The question is-do we use the word envy and desire interchangeably?   Is it enough to desire something or do we really need PASSION to go along with the desire.  

I firmly believe that we are wired to do different and wonderful things. I also believe we develop strong passions that drive us.   In the case of my co-worker, she is driven and beautifully creative in designing her gardens and the interior decorating of her home.  Her creativity is a passion and feeds her need and desire to have a beautiful environment which she tells me is very important to her.   Her gardens are a work of art and nature.

Making a silver ring

Making a silver ring

My passion has always been to make and build with my hands, and I have a deep love  and respect for what nature creates.

My desire is to create beauty that people can take and enjoy as they so choose.  My creativity centers on the building of something beautiful–also works of art and nature, yet so very different from home and gardens.  Plus, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of those things that others do.

So—How are YOU Wired?  And do you envy others for what they can do and you can’t?  Do you have the passion to do something beautiful?  If so, what is it?  Have you ever envied someone, and then followed that person’s passion?  Did you get passionate about something from envy?

And what role does money play in envy or desire?  Does money help with the drive to try something new?  Would money make a difference in the passions you would follow? Would you have less envy with more money?  Or do you envy those who live a simple life with less?   I would love to hear from you about what your thoughts are!  I welcome your comments



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Do You Choose the Stone or Does the Stone Choose You?

How to Choose the Right Stone or Crystal for You!

newwebflouriteSo you have decided you love stones–perhaps you love some of the colors and patterns
and see them as works of art.  Or maybe you love the crystals, and the possibilities they have to help you with your mood, to heal, or to feel good.  Some of you might just love to hold and feel a tumbled stone, experiencing the warmth or coolness of that stone.

Throughout time, many cultures have used stones in many ways to enhance their lives, through home décor (stone countertops), art (sculpture), Medical healing (metaphysical) and for jewelry (from beads, to cabochons, to faceted stones).serape jasper earrings

Some folks love to collect them–learning all the names of the different stones, and a fascination on how they are created by Mother Nature.

In today’s blog, I want to concentrate on the fun reasons you might use stones, and how you would choose a stone for your everyday lives.

I did some research into this, and found many authors who suggest that the best way for you to find out what stones you are drawn to and will work for you is to go to a rock shop, and look around.  What grabs you?  Are you drawn to the colors of the stones?  The feel, the textures, the sparkles, the patterns?

webcobaltonew2Do some stones “call you?”  Do you somehow feel connected to the earth when you see or hold a particular stone?  Do you prefer the rough natural stone, or one that has been cut and faceted by a lapidary artist?

Most of us will never know why we like certain stones, or why we are drawn to them.  If you talk to the New Age Healers, Metaphysical properties are very real and there is a strong belief that stones will help in healing from physical and emotional illness. If this is of interest to you, there are many guides available on the internet from respected sources to help you.  I am listing some of these links at the end of this post.

If you are drawn to stones because they are beautiful, then you might consider looking at them as pieces of art, either to be sculpted, or to place around your home as a way to feel grounded and part of nature.  Or perhaps you are drawn to the possibility that stones can be worn as an accessory to your wardrobe–as another way of connecting with webchrysoprase2nature.
There is something about a natural stone that just can’t be duplicated.  Perhaps there is a “vibration” as some suggest that reaches out to us humans.  I don’t know–but I DO know that I have always been drawn to their lovliness, and fascinated by the fact that such beauty exists in nature.  And unlike plants, stones don’t die, and almost never go bad.  The fact that they are older than most of us can ever know, and will live on long after we pass is also an indication of how powerful they are…Just think about it!

newwebgemstones-2So how do you select your perfect stone?  One author, Phyllis Galde, in her book Crystal Healing, offers one suggestion that resonates with me:

“Pick a stone by attraction, by being drawn to touch it, and then hold it in the left hand loosely. Let it rest against the palm chakra and notice the impressions, colors, sounds and mood feelings that accompany the stone. No two crystals are the same. They are like snowflakes. Each crystal has its own particular vibration, and each will resonate differently. Look for one that will resonate with your being—regardless of size, shape, color, or jeweler’s quality. It’s the intuitive impression which is important.”

And so I do….


Metaphysical and Healing:





How Gemstones are formed:

How gemstones are formed


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