SilverSpiral Creations Give Away!

Tiger Iron Pendant in Sterling SilverSo it is time for our monthly jewelry giveaway!  I do this to let you all know about the work that I do here, and in hopes that you will spread the word.

Can you help me with this?  So in order to be entered into this contest, you need to guess a number from 1-3000.  Enter your guess in the comments below–and if you share the post, enter your second guess. The closest person to guess the randomly drawn number without going over will win this beautiful Handcrafted Tiger Iron Pendant!  Tiger Iron Pendant in Sterling SilverThis Contest will end on Thursday March 23rd at 6PM EDT.  Share this post, and you can have a second guess!  Good Luck!

SilverSpiral Creations is a small artisan business, and as part of my online presence, I really need to build my audience. Please consider sharing this post with your friends!

  • Glenna Nash Jackman

    First guess, 63 Second guess 1953

  • G2W

    1963 and 1952

  • Bridgette godin

    963, and second guess 2010!