How to Shop for Art Jewelry Gifts in this Holiday Season

Small Turquoise Cuff BraceletIf you are like me, you find that shopping for close family and friends can be a bit daunting, especially if that person wants and loves art jewelry.


So how do you go about finding that perfect one of a kind jewelry gift for that person?  Where do you even begin?


When you think about it, jewelry is a very personal thing.  When you are giving jewelry as a gift, it is usually because you really know a lot about that person.  For example, you probably know their favorite colors, whether they are casual or formal, and how they live.  Do they like to go out to events, or are they more the “stay at home” type?  Where do they work?  Is it an office job? Is it outdoor work?  Or do they work with children?  What about lifestyle?  And of course, most importantly, personality?blue abalone pendant jewelry

The more you know someone, the better the chance that you will find just the right piece.   So what are some ways you can be sure to pick the right piece of jewelry for a gift?  Here is a checklist that should help you out.


  • The best research you can do is to notice what jewelry a person already wears.  If your friend or loved one wears silver all the time, buying a gold piece might be risky–he/she might not like the warm color of the gold metal and it will end up in the jewelry box.


  • jewelry-nautilus-pendantLook at their style of dress.  A very casual person would probably not wear a high fashion gemstone piece with his/her wardrobe and might only have rare occasions to wear this fine piece (wedding or formal event).  While everyone needs a piece like this, the jewelry will not get much wear time.  On the other hand, a casual piece of jewelry won’t get much wear if the person works and lives in a formal environment.


  • Take note of their day-to-day activities.  A teacher of young children or infants may not find it wise to wear long earrings or necklaces, as they can easily be broken or actually cause harm.  Did you ever have an earring ripped out of your ear by a baby????   OUCH!!]


  • Do they like big showey jewelry, or small understated pieces?  I myself love to have my jewelry noticed, but I have good friends that like their jewelry to be an accessory that lightly accents their wardrobes.  You might also observe whether the person wears jewelry with textures or smooth metal.


  • And finally, does the individual like a particular theme, or item?  I think of charms that can be added to a necklace or bracelet, or perhaps a particular stone that is a favorite.  If you are buying a ring–make sure you know the ring size!


Often times, it is your gut that will let you know if you found the right piece.  Most importantly don’t fall into the trap of buying jewelry YOU would want—remember that the recipient IS NOT YOU!!!

Observing all of these things will go a long way in helping you to get started on selecting that wonderful piece of art jewelry.  Google can be your best friend, and the more specifically you define the search, the closer you will get to selecting that perfect piece.  Pink rhodochrosite pendant jewelry



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Floral Plumb Agate–What an Amazing Stone for Jewelry!

Check out this slice of a floral plumb agate–it is a sun and clouds scene with a landscape.  I have never seen anything like it!  It is a rare and exotic stone from Turkey.  The artist who cut it saw this scene and took great advantage of this natural beauty. I just HAD to have it! Floral Plumb Agate All I had to do to make a piece of jewelry from it was to dress it up in a sterling silver frame and add a chain.  I am in love with this beauty!

Loving Rocks

Loving Rocks and Jewelry

She receives an Ametrine Earring and Necklace Set for her Birthday, made by SilverSpiral Creations

Any of you who know me, know that I love rocks and jewelry.


I have since I was a child, and I don’t really know why or how it started. To me, rocks and minerals are part of Nature’s art. Much like we create art, nature uses elements for her canvas, and they are fire, air, water and earth. The major difference between art created by us and art created by nature is time. It can take nature from a season to millions of years to create her art, and for us humans it might take an hour, a day, month, or a lifetime.


Loving Rocks

Showing off her jewels and new Rockhound T-shirt

So who loves rocks, and how does it start? I have had the pleasure of meeting some very young children who are already rock hounds (one of them is pictured here in this post)  and I feel a kinship towards them, partly because they are girls, like me.  I remember how excited I was to find a new cool rock, fossil, or crystal. I also remember how great it was to get a gift of rocks, especially if it came as a necklace, bracelet or ring that I could wear (when I was young, pierced ears were not a “thing” for young children, or I would have wanted earrings as well).
Now many years later, I am making those wearable rocks, fossils and crystals. I just love to share nature’s art, and I really love sharing this passion with children. I really believe that connecting our children with the earth will help them to appreciate our natural resources and make them want to preserve and protect our world. I also believe that nature’s art will inspire creativity for jewelry and other arts. Just go outdoors and look at some of the color pallets that nature creates! We think WE are artists, but nature has us beat for sure!

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