December Birthstones-Beautiful Blues

Did you know that December has claim to three birthstones?  They are Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise!


They all have a rich and beautiful blue color, and each has a different meaning behind it.  So let’s take a look at these beautiful December Birthstones.

Blue Zircon is very beautiful and desirable.  Prices are often fairly reasonable,  and the good news is that it comes from many parts of the world, including right here in the USA! This stone has blue-green hues and is fun to cut.Blue Zircon Cabochon

Blue Zircon is thought to protect the wearer from negative energy, and to help change our negative thoughts to positive ones.  Blue Zircon is said to be able to improve the quality of lives, and to help a person to achieve happiness.  What a good stone to have during the dark days of Winter. I don’t know about you, but the lack of daylight sure affects me!

Another beautiful December birthstone is Tanzanite, a pricey, rare and beautiful deep blue stone.  Tanzanite is only found in one part of the world, in Tanzania (go figure) and it is only in a small area of that region. Tanzanite Gemstone The natural deep blues are the most desirable, and in fact, lower grades of this gem are heated to create that deep blue color.

Tanzanite changes colors when it is viewed from different directions. This shifting of colors has been said to facilitate raising consciousness. The stone is often referred to as the “trust” stone.

It also helps you in realizing your own ideas. The gemstone opens an awareness of the comparison between how one lives and how one could choose to live more consciously. Those who wear it will become aware of their calling. It is a stone for people who have not yet recognized their strength and fearfully close their hearts to it. This creates trust and we gradually open ourselves for further possibilities. On the level of sub consciousness, it helps us to better come to terms with ourselves.


The third stone, and perhaps the most widely known in the USA, is turquoise.  Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stones, and was seen as a symbol of wealth in ancient cultures.
turquoise bracelet jewelry


Turquoise is one of those stones that you must attune to–rather than the stone attuning to you. The stone will bring you good fortune and protects the wearer from harm.  It’s healing properties include helping with rheumatism, gout, viruses and other inflammatory conditions.  Those who own turquoise have a special relationship with that piece–whether in jewelry or as a stone.  The colors range from bright robin’s egg blue, to green tones.  Different mines in the USA have very distinctive turquoise, and many can instantly tell where the turquoise comes from.  American turquoise is becoming increasingly rare, and many mines have closed.  This turquoise continues to increase in value.

So if you are a December Birthday–which birthstone are you?

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What is Your Gemstone Personality?

Personality and Gemstones


Did you ever wonder about your personality and how it resembles some of the gemstones you love or hate?    Did you ever think about the how the color or type of gemstone relates to you personally?

To get to the heart of these questions, I did some research on the meanings of gemstones to find out more about how they fit into our daily lives.



Here are some of the impressions and facts I found:

  • Gemstones represent wealth, power, status, beauty, assurance, and protections
  • For centuries, many cultures believed hiding gemstones in garments or against your chest would provide health and protection. 
  • Gemstones are from deep in the earth, many believe they hold answers to life’s questions that we must face.
  • Gemstone colors represent how a person is perceived–strong, weak, emotional, wealthy or poor



So How Do Gemstones Relate to Personality?

Many people believe that the stones you choose relate to your personality.

I think the best way to answer this question is by looking at the “meaning”  attributed to each gemstone, and extract your personality traits based on the stones you are drawn to.  There are many such charts available online, and from what I can tell, most are in agreement with each other.  I have an open mind about the metaphysical properties and meanings of these gemstones, and when I compare the stones that I choose with the properties, I find them to be pretty close to my feelings about who I am.  Here are some charts you can look at, for you to decide for yourself!

Mystic jewel        Free Spirit Emporium        Crystal Guide     Healing Crystals

I would love to hear from you!  Do you have a personality that relates to a gemstone?  If so, which one!  For example, one of my favorite gemstones is fluorite (as pictured above) and I am a person who is always seeking peace (I have always been a peace maker).  Fluorite is a stone that helps with inner peace.

So,  do you think this is a stretch?  Or do you believe in this?  I would love to know!

Have a wonderful and peaceful week, everyone!

Lynne Patnode 

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Do You Choose the Stone or Does the Stone Choose You?

How to Choose the Right Stone or Crystal for You!

newwebflouriteSo you have decided you love stones–perhaps you love some of the colors and patterns
and see them as works of art.  Or maybe you love the crystals, and the possibilities they have to help you with your mood, to heal, or to feel good.  Some of you might just love to hold and feel a tumbled stone, experiencing the warmth or coolness of that stone.

Throughout time, many cultures have used stones in many ways to enhance their lives, through home décor (stone countertops), art (sculpture), Medical healing (metaphysical) and for jewelry (from beads, to cabochons, to faceted stones).serape jasper earrings

Some folks love to collect them–learning all the names of the different stones, and a fascination on how they are created by Mother Nature.

In today’s blog, I want to concentrate on the fun reasons you might use stones, and how you would choose a stone for your everyday lives.

I did some research into this, and found many authors who suggest that the best way for you to find out what stones you are drawn to and will work for you is to go to a rock shop, and look around.  What grabs you?  Are you drawn to the colors of the stones?  The feel, the textures, the sparkles, the patterns?

webcobaltonew2Do some stones “call you?”  Do you somehow feel connected to the earth when you see or hold a particular stone?  Do you prefer the rough natural stone, or one that has been cut and faceted by a lapidary artist?

Most of us will never know why we like certain stones, or why we are drawn to them.  If you talk to the New Age Healers, Metaphysical properties are very real and there is a strong belief that stones will help in healing from physical and emotional illness. If this is of interest to you, there are many guides available on the internet from respected sources to help you.  I am listing some of these links at the end of this post.

If you are drawn to stones because they are beautiful, then you might consider looking at them as pieces of art, either to be sculpted, or to place around your home as a way to feel grounded and part of nature.  Or perhaps you are drawn to the possibility that stones can be worn as an accessory to your wardrobe–as another way of connecting with webchrysoprase2nature.
There is something about a natural stone that just can’t be duplicated.  Perhaps there is a “vibration” as some suggest that reaches out to us humans.  I don’t know–but I DO know that I have always been drawn to their lovliness, and fascinated by the fact that such beauty exists in nature.  And unlike plants, stones don’t die, and almost never go bad.  The fact that they are older than most of us can ever know, and will live on long after we pass is also an indication of how powerful they are…Just think about it!

newwebgemstones-2So how do you select your perfect stone?  One author, Phyllis Galde, in her book Crystal Healing, offers one suggestion that resonates with me:

“Pick a stone by attraction, by being drawn to touch it, and then hold it in the left hand loosely. Let it rest against the palm chakra and notice the impressions, colors, sounds and mood feelings that accompany the stone. No two crystals are the same. They are like snowflakes. Each crystal has its own particular vibration, and each will resonate differently. Look for one that will resonate with your being—regardless of size, shape, color, or jeweler’s quality. It’s the intuitive impression which is important.”

And so I do….


Metaphysical and Healing:

How Gemstones are formed:

How gemstones are formed

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