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Hello and Welcome to SilverSpiral Creations!  My Mission is to use nature’s most beautiful stones and to create timeless bohemian style jewelry for you, one piece at a time.  The stones I hand-select are carefully chosen from talented lapidary artisans from all over the world. I let the stone inspire me before I create my sterling silver settings. In many cases, my settings are simple with only a few accessories to ‘dress up’ the stone, because let’s face it–the stone is the star of the piece!

Stone Bracelets Jewelry
Stone and Silver Bracelets by SilverSpiral Creations

How we Create

Each piece of jewelry is created one at a time. I use techniques such as sawing forming, soldering, pressing, grinding, hammering, and texturing. Each piece originates with a piece of sheet metal, end end with a dimensional piece of jewelry.

Where We Do Business

Our studio is located at Whiting Mills, 100 Whiting Street, Winsted Connecticut, USA. We sell our work at Whiting Mills and on-line in our Etsy store. We also sell at local artisan marketplaces or shows. You can also see some of our work in person at the Soulbury Gift Shop in Woodbury, Connecticut.

Custom Jewelry

SilverSpiral Creations will also create custom jewelry for you!  Maybe you have a special stone you would like to convert into a piece of jewelry.  We can discuss potential designs and I can create that special piece just for you. I am a collector of stones, and I have several in my studio that are just waiting to find a home in a piece of custom jewelry.

SilverSpiral Creations Jewelry Studio
This is the entry to my new studio at Whiting Mills! More photos to come!

If I don’t have exactly what you are looking for on-hand, chances are excellent that I can find just what you want.
To get a sense of our style, take a look at our Gallery Page!  To see what is available for purchase right now, take a look at our Etsy Store.

About the Artist—Lynne Patnode


Do you have a favorite stone?  Did you keep a favorite stone from childhood?  Have you ever made a stone into a piece of jewelry?


I have had a full and busy life.  Over the years I have been involved in many careers: teacher, executive director, professor, music therapist. I have a Doctorate Degree in Education. With all of this, and my beautiful family of 4 daughters, a husband and numerous pets. But I still felt like I was missing something.

Lynne Patnode, Jewelry Artist
Lynne Patnode

Then one day, I was in a big box store, and I saw some gorgeous stone beads.  They were agate, and I loved them, so despite never having made jewelry, I bought them. I grabbed some bead stringing materials, crimps, a clasp and three pairs of pliers.  I  thought it would be easy–right?  Well, I found out it was more involved than I thought, so I did a little research  (I just LOVE the internet!) and began building my skills.  From that day on, I worked hard and tried to learn the skill, with very little money.  Then one day, I got a phone call from a friend I had met (she was a jewelry vendor at a conference I helped organize). – she was going out of the jewelry business!  She remembered that I had a passion for jewelry making and she offered to give me all of her supplies!) It was then that my business was launched!

I still wasn’t entirely satisfied with beading, so I decided to take a metals course at a local Art Center. I never looked back.  As it turns out, I found that I love playing with metal as much as I love playing with stones!

I continue to discover gorgeous stone cabochons mined and shaped by lapidary artisans from all over the world, and figured out how to make these beautiful stones wearable.  Over the years, I have purchased my equipment bit by bit, and I now operate in  a full working studio.  I make everything by hand, using silver, copper, brass and gold sheet metal, and I am still learning as I go.  I finally found what makes my world turn.

Would you like to have some jewelry that connects you with Nature?  Come visit my store at Etsy.com!

Should you wish to have me create a special piece for you, please contact me!  You can email me at lynne@silverspiralcreations.com or message me through Facebook or Instagram.

Memberships and Associations

Nutmeg Collective
The Nutmeg Collective
Artisan Membership

Arts Council

SilverSpiral Creations is a member of the The Nutmeg Collective and the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council.

Privacy Policy

Many of you may have heard of the new GDPR rules which requires websites who are viewed and/or used by members of the European Union, to disclose how your information is being collected and used.  First, let me just say that your privacy is very important to us.  The only data we have collected in the past from anyone is an email address and name for purposes of us sending out a newsletter.

We have since eliminated the Newsletter option and any or all data collected for that purpose has been deleted and none of that data has been retained in any form, electronically or on paper.  It has never been shared with anyone.

For items purchased on my Etsy shop, the data we have access to includes your name, address, email,  items you have purchased and amount you have spent.  We have NO access to your credit card or other payment information.  Your data is stored on the Etsy site and is encrypted and protected by Etsy.  They have their own very strict privacy policies that you can access on http://etsy.com.   Any data we have access to is strictly limited to notifying you about issues concerning your order, or to let you know via email that I have items available to you that you had requested.  We do NOT share your data with anyone, we do not retain it in paper form, and we do not store it anywhere electronically other than with Etsy.