Bench Time Rentals

Bench Time Rentals Now Available to all Metalsmiths-

Benches at SilverSpiral Creations-Fully Equipped!

Registration required at least 24 hours in advance.

Register for Bench Time

—you will be taken to a checkout screen.  First come first serve.

Bench Time Policies:

  • Cost of Bench Time is $25 for 3 hour slot (minimum slot is 3 hours)
  • Current students can register for 3 hours of  bench time free of charge by using the coupon code provided during their first class.
  • Bench time renters must bring their own metals and solder (including current students)
  • Former students or other metalsmiths may register for bench time for any available slot, First come First serve
  • NO INSTRUCTION is offered during bench time, however bench time is monitored
  • Please only use tools you have been trained on.  Repair to damaged tools may be charged to a person for misuse of a tool due to not being trained on that tool.
  • Renters must put away all common tools they use during bench time so that others can access the tools.
  • All benches must be cleaned and tools put away before leaving.metalsmith classes



Register for Bench Time