SilverSpiral Creations Grand Opening!

SilverSpiral Creations will be having its Grand Opening this Sunday, August 25th from 11AM to 2PM at Whiting Mills Studios, 100 Whiting Street, Winsted CT in Studio #404.
Come on by! Refreshments will be served!

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Having a New Studio

Studio Set up

What is it like to actually have a studio outside of your home and in an artisan community?  It is different.  It is a responsibility.  You have to keep it clean and organized.  You have to have a retail area, which means keeping it pretty and keeping it filled.  It means paying rent.  It means having to get into your car to get there.  It means you have to remember to bring things back and forth to your home at times.  

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SilverSpiral Creations has Moved!

SilverSpiral Creations Jewelry Studio

Boy am I a lucky person! I was invited to take a studio at Whiting Mills in Winsted CT, and I am now part of a fantastic community of artists in a beautiful historic building. It is like being a part of a great big, artist “think tank” and it inspires my creativity in a very big way! My studio is so spacious, I am able to set up a retail area and have my jewelry out all of the time.

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Stone of the Month-Ammonite Fossil with Pyrite

Pyritized Ammonite

So what is an Ammonite Fossil, and what is Pyrite? Ammonites are fossils of ancient sea creatures resembling snails–they are in fact, ancient mollusks. They have a beautiful, nautilus spiral shape, making for a wonderful organic shape. These creatures were as large as 6.5 feet in diameter (found in Russia), and as small as the palm of a child’s hand (found throughout the world).
Over millions of years, as these creatures died and were covered under the sea,

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Millions of Good Things

What frightening times we are living in.  As a resident of the USA, I am shaking my head at what appears to be chaos at every turn in our country.  As we are continually bombarded with the minute by minute bickering at our highest levels of government, I am left to wonder where our sense of civility has gone.  Where is the respect for one another?
Guess what!  I found it!  Where?  All around us.  It is in the small town that raises money to help our federal workers who have been unable to work through our Government shutdown.  

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Cyber Week! Is Something Wrong With Me?

Santa Overwhelmed

Well today was Cyber Monday, and I am overwhelmed.  All of this marketing has filled up my email boxes, has distracted me from my day to day work, and I am feeling as if I have missed out on more deals than I actually got.  There is a mentality that if you DON’T shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then you are a chump, a fool, an idiot who would rather pay full price.  The marketers are very wise,

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Connecting with Nature

When there is a change of season, you have the opportunity to experience a close connection with nature. Nature’s beautiful colors and rich dimensions can bring you happiness, joy, and a feeling of being a part of something special in this world.
With all of the negativity we are bombarded with each and every day, take a moment and go where no one is talking. Experience the quiet, the beauty and the peace. Then go back to your crazy,

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How to Select Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays

So you want to give a personalized, special one-of-a-kind gift for the holidays.  Where do you begin?  The choices are endless, there are so many styles, and of course, there is price. You can purchase from a jewelry store, on internet sites like Etsy, department stores, or box stores.  There are so many options and this can be overwhelming. How would you like some tips to narrow down your choices and select the perfect jewelry gift?  

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