What's in your jewelry box

What’s in YOUR Jewelry Box?

What's in your jewelry boxHave you looked through your jewelry box lately?  Scary, Isn’t it?   Like most women, I have a lot of old jewelry stored in my jewelry box. Some of it hasn’t seen the light of day in years!

I challenge you to open yours and look through it!  Have you ever thought about the life story your jewelry box tells about you?


For example, I have some old chain necklaces that were given to me by my Grandmother–

old jewelry

they are now hopelessly out of style, and not expensive, but each time I pick one of them up, I am transported back to the day she gave it to me–the sights, the scents, the sounds, the colors, and I see her again. And I see me, at a different time and place in my life. For that moment, I have an emotional connection that goes beyond words. My memories are good ones and she was such an important part of my life. So even if I don’t wear them now, I will never give them up.


What about those silly pieces of jewelry your children made for you in Scouts, summer camp or the third grade?  Suddenly, I see my children when they are little, and their proud faces as they presented me with their creations, as clear as if it had just happened today.

boy giving jewelry
Smiling child handing over a handmade pasta necklace to be a gift for his mum.

Ah Yes—and then there were the jewelry phases we all went through–usually at a time when we were absolutely broke–we bought bangles that turned our wrists green, earrings that have scary looking metals, and “GEMS” that have scratched, or look so fake, you wonder what the heck you were thinking? At the time, they looked beautiful! But oh–what fun they were back then! I remember how sophisticated I thought we all were with our “fine” trendy jewelry!  Can’t throw them away–those were our younger days, after all. It would be like throwing away your youth.

And then there are the pieces of jewelry your old boyfriends or girlfriends gave you, maybe your first “real” love?

friendship jewelry

Somehow, it is hard to part with those, even when the relationship went so horribly wrong. There is nothing like the feeling of when you first fall in love, so how can you possibly throw away such memories?


Of course, you may have your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry that you inherited. In some cases, the styles are actually coming back, but–oh no! They have those pinch back earrings, and they hurt to wear them! Can they be converted for pierced ears? We must keep them just in case! Not to mention the fact that by throwing them out, you are throwing away a part of your family!

I realize now, that it is NOT just a jewelry box. It is my life, in all of its stages. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The fact that my jewelry box is disorganized is not lost on me. In my creative life, I am messy and somewhat disorganized. So is my jewelry box. AND I AM KEEPING ALL OF IT!

vintage box of jewelry

What’s in YOUR jewelry box?

Lynne Patnode is a jewelry artist who designs and creates art jewelry from Nature’s most beautiful stones and sterling silver.  You can find her pieces in her Etsy Shop.



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  • I love this post! I also remember going through my Mom’s and my Grandmother’s jewelry boxes when I was growing up. My Grandmother had such a collection of interesting things! My current “jewelry box” is not one box, but a couple differerent containers with things. I especially love the jewelry my Dad gave to my Mom when they were first married. There is a bracelet that says “I Love You”, one letter at a time. I love wearing that. I love wearing my Mom’s old bracelets. They are really special to me and I only wear them when I go out for dinner. I know the orgin of everything in my jewelry box and every piece has a very special meaning to me.

    • Thanks Gigi! I almost feel as if there is nothing else that we have that brings back as many memories as our jewelry box :-). I love hearing about your memories through jewelry!

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