Necklace made with Petrified Palmwood

Boho Jewelry Featured Stone: Petrified Palm Wood

Have you ever heard of Petrified Palmwood?  It is a stone that was formed from a tropical tree from over 100 million years ago.  When trees fell into mud that was full of minerals, , they became petrified, which basically means that they turned to stone.  The stone is very much like quartz and is found primarily in Texas.  These stones have kept the beautiful grains in the wood, which are now crystals, and you will see beautiful spots and swirls.  You will see rich blacks, tans, milky whites and blues, along with deep rust patterns in some of the stones.  These are considered fossil stones and Petrified Wood is considered among some of the most beautiful of stones.Necklace made with Petrified Palmwood

This is Mother Nature at her best–her own version of recycling!  It only took about 100 million years!  Talented rockhounds and lapidary artisans collect these beautiful fossils and shape them into beautiful cabochons used in jewelry.  Do you own any of this beautiful material?  Talk about connecting with Nature!

Lynne Patnode is a jewelry artist who specializes in Bohemian Style Jewelry made with some of Nature’s most exotic stones.  You can visit her Etsy Shop to see what jewelry and stones she currently has for sale.

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