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Closing Out the Most Crazy Year-the Good, Bad and Everything Else.

Okay friends, let’s face it–this has been one crazy year!  Some things that happened this year were strange, of course, Covid 19 being at the worst, and shifting of priorities maybe the best?  It depends on your viewpoint.  I am fortunate that as of this writing, I have not contracted Covid 19, and none of my close friends or relatives have either.  We have been extra careful, and so far, so good. Lynne Patnode, Owner of Silverspiral Creations

The shifting of priorities has worked both ways, spending more time at home has been a good thing, as I was one of those always running around.  Spending more time with my husband has been great, but not seeing my parents, grown children or grandchildren has been awful.

I work in a public school, and therefore I have been able to keep my job.  That is a good thing, and I know I am fortunate.  Having to pivot between in-person learning and remote learning-not so good.  The students are having a difficult time with school–also not great.

My jewelry sales at my studio are up–that is an amazing thing.  I was able to expand to a new, Larger Studio!

Silverspiral Creations Studio

My Metalsmith classes at the studio are full (with the covid limits)–that is a great thing–Not losing my business, also a great thing.  Being able to have a studio to go to has been wonderful.

As we leave the year 2020 behind, we will all have different views on what the year represented. Many lives have been terribly disrupted, many have died, and many other lives have been destroyed by not having enough money, food, or shelter.  I would not even begin to want to bring politics into this blog.  But I do feel responsibility to help those who need it.

So as I enter into the new year, I enter with hope, with love, with the commitment to help others, and also, the commitment to retire from teaching in school (a career I have loved), and go full time with my jewelry-metalsmithing business.  Now THAT looks like something to look forward to–a new chapter!  And with the vaccine, I think it will all be possible.  I just have to continue being careful and hang on until then….

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