Finding Joy in the Fall of 2020….

Alas–School is starting up, activities are being scheduled, and the busy Fall Season begins.  I sit here on my last day of “Summer” as I start my day job back up tomorrow as a music therapist in a school for special needs students.  I will still be here after school to make my jewelry creations, and to teach some metalsmithing classes (3 per week). We will all be back  to activities in a very crazy time, made more difficult by Covid 19 protocols.  I contemplate how much life has changed these past 5 months, and wonder how much more change we are in for. But I will resolutely remain positive.  We will  find our place, and we will bring joy to our special needs students, and help them make sense of this world.  I will still create my jewelry, I can help others experience metalsmithing and making jewelry, helping them to find their creative selves and experience joy in “making.”  Life still goes on, and we can do this.  We can find joy.  We can bring joy to others.  How will you remain positive, how will you spread joy?

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