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Five Ways To Relieve Stress During the Holiday Season

Here we are, folks!

Back into the Holiday Season.  This is a time that can really try our patience, challenge our health, and take us near or over our breaking point.  So how do we help ourselves when it feels we are constantly going from 0-60 throughout the day?


Sure, people always say to you “take a breath” or “relax” or “take a chill pill.”  I don’t know about you, but when someone says any of those things–I want to shake them and say “ARE YOU FOR REAL??????”   When someone says that to me, it implies that I am doing something wrong.  And this advice is often coming from a person who has difficulty managing their own stress.  Are they in fact really talking to themselves?  Perhaps it makes them feel better when they see someone else in distress and they can feel good about offering advice.  Although well-intentioned, it has the opposite effect.

But back to the question–how can we feel well for the holidays?  I came up with five things you can do to feel better during these times of stress.

  • Eat! eating Yes, I said EAT!  But I don’t mean eat all of the chocolate, and goodies and fatty, heavy things for the holidays.  You can indeed have some of these things, but eat your regular, healthy meals.  Don’t skip them because you had 4 chocolate cookies at that holiday party earlier.




  • Compartmentalize.  compartmentalizeThere is a psychology to this.  Be in the moment and don’t worry about other things until it is actually the time when you can do something about your worry.  If you are at your son’s holiday concert–enjoy it–be with friends and family.  Don’t be worrying about that credit card bill that you have to pay–not at that moment.


  • Make small lists. list I had a teacher who once asked me–how do you eat an elephant?  I had no idea what he was talking about and told him so.  He asked me again.  I thought maybe it was some kind of joke with a punch line.  But it turned out to be the best reminder I have when I am stressing about all I have to do.  So what is the answer?  ONE BITE AT A TIME.  In other words, just promise yourself the “one thing” you have to and get it done.  When that is done, find the next “one thing” you have to do and get that done.  Before you know it, you have gotten a lot of things done–one bite at a time.


  • Allow yourself to “check out”.couchpotato
    Yes, check out.  I don’t mean that you should do this while you are driving, or are involved in an activity, but before you go to bed, or after dinner, or something—just allow yourself at least 15 minutes to do nothing.  Maybe be mindful of the good things that happened in the day.  Don’t be worrying about tomorrow until you get up tomorrow.  If you must, get up before everyone else and make your “one thing” list. Have that coffees and chill before you start your day.  It really works!


  •  Wear a healing crystal to help keep you calm.  Blue Lace Agate in a piece of jewelry will do the trick, or if you don’t have it in jewelry, keep a stone in your pocket to touch agate ring jewelry  Some believe this crystal will relieve anxiety and even calm pets!  Jet stones and Danburite can also bring calm to your life.  There are many crystals with many uses, and the energy from these crystals can help you survive the stresses of the holidays and other busy times in your life.

The psychology behind these ideas is really about common sense.  Sometimes we get so lost in the forest, and we forget about the individual trees within. I hope these ideas will help you, and I want to wish you a wonderful and Happy Holiday Season!

Organizing your like can work in much the same way.  Set small goals, and clean up just that “one corner” that has been bugging you.  That corner may or may not turn into the whole area–and it is okay if it is just the one corner.  Remember, one bite at a time!


And don’t worry about the elephant.  It is only a metaphor, after all.  Think of it this way—if you don’t eat the elephant, it could stampede and smother you! (Another metaphor for all of the stuff that piles up when we don’t focus on one thing at a time).

These holidays will come with all of the build up, anticipation, and extra work that goes along with it.  You will survive them whether or not you worry and stress, or if you don’t.  The other thing to remember is that the holidays are quickly forgotten.  That gift you agonized over may or may not be a favorite, but chances are as time goes on, the recipient will not even recall who gave them what gift and when.

Enjoy yourself, Love yourself, do yourself a favor.  ONE BITE AT A TIME!

Author:  Lynne Patnode

Lynne Patnode is the owner and artist at SilverSpiral Creations.  The mission of Jewelry at SilverSpiral Creations is to take Nature’s most beautiful stones and make them into wearable jewelry art.  You can shop for jewelry art on SilverSpiral Creations Etsy Store



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