Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Are you like me?  I start to search for a beautiful stone, or a new design or a new anything, and I start falling rapidly down the rabbit hole—falling, falling, falling.  Next thing I know, a lot of time has gone by–much of it unproductive–but what a ride!

I get so wrapped up in looking at all of the eye candy, and forget what I was looking for in the first place.  And sometimes, I spend money on things I wasn’t looking for.

Is that a bad thing?  If we didn’t go down the rabbit hole, how would we discover new things?  How would we get those creative juices going?  And how would you ever find that one of a kind piece that no one else has?Down the Rabbit Hole

Where did all of this rabbit hole thing come from?  Of course, it was Alice in wonderland who literally fell down into the rabbit hole, leading her to an alternate reality–Wonderland.  And the story was largely about her time going down into that universe.  In modern times, it is a metaphor for time “wasting.”  I am not sure I agree.   I think we all need to spend MORE time in the rabbit hole.  I found this great quote on the Internet from an old New York Times article:

As a metaphor for our online behavior, the rabbit hole has an advantage those other fictional portals lack: it conveys a sense of time spent in transit. In the original story, Alice falls for quite a while — long enough to scout out the environment, grab some food off a passing shelf, speculate erroneously about other parts of the world, drift into a reverie about cats, and nearly fall asleep. Sounds like us on the Internet, all right. In the current use of “rabbit hole,” we are no longer necessarily bound for a wonderland. We’re just in a long attentional free fall, with no clear destination and all manner of strange things flashing past.

But we all need to go places with no destination, don’t you think?  How else do we rest our minds, find new things, and juice up our creativity?  I personally love having an excuse to go down the rabbit hole!

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