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Hammering, Burning, Creating-A Step Up Into Making Jewelry

Let me ask you a question—Is there anything more satisfying than creating something successfully from scratch?  What if that thing you are creating includes using tools that you may have never used before-such as a torch, hydraulic press, or even special hammers?  Is there any way to become more social than being with a group of people all experiencing this together for the first time? Silversmith ClassYes, I am talking about learning to metal smith–to create jewelry, small sculptures, bowls, or boxes.  Have you every hammered a piece of metal into submission–used heat to make it bend or melt, or pressed it into a shape or mold?  When doing this with others at your level, beginner or advanced, it is so cathartic, empowering, and yes-social!

As we begin to emerge from our isolation due to the pandemic, we are all looking for something that feeds our soul. metalsmith classesWe have all felt the need to review and revise, to figure out our new future.  Some will consider that we have had a pause in our lives and try to resume where they left off. Others have taken stock and vow to change their lives to a more focused future.  What is clear, is that we understand better how resilient we can be, and that it is good and possible to try something new, to do different things that help us redefine who we are and what we can do.Ring is finished!

In my metalsmith classes, I have witnessed people who dared to try something new, to use scary tools to create something beautiful, and watched them become so excited when they realize they can do something they never really thought was possible.  The pride in something they made by hand, and that they are proud to wear or show is so great to see.  In some cases, these students  become addicted, and keep returning to advance their skill and/or to set up their own home studios.

Bracelet made in Metalsmith 1 Class

Yes, doing metalsmith work is not easy, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of techniques that can be learned.  And when you participate, you look at every piece of jewelry or metal sculpture in a new light, because you understand what goes into it.  When you go through the “building” process of creating a metal piece, you overcome difficulties, solve problems, you might even feel like it will never turn out beautiful.  When you finish, and realize it does come out beautiful–the satisfaction is unbelievable!  How does this come out beautiful?–Through careful mentoring, careful coaching and encouragement from the person who is teaching you. Metalsmith Class

So go ahead–find a metalsmith class near you–try it!  You will have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.  You will learn a great deal about yourself.  With good coaching, you will learn to be patient with process, anticipate an outcome, learn about function and design, but you will be having fun with others going through it all together.  Never mind the creative energy you will feel!  Are you game?

SilverSpiral Creations offers silversmith classes in Winsted Connecticut at Whiting Mills.  If you are interested in trying out our beginning classes, please visit


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