Have You Ever Seen Polychrome Jasper?


Polychrome Jasper

a beautiful stone with natural colors of teal, lavender, greens, yellows, creams and browns. Sometimes you will see polychrome jasper in a “ribbon form” but if you are lucky enough to score jasper like these, they can make a “scenic” jasper. The artist who cut these stones. (Rogue Gems, otherwise know as Sparklequest on Etsy, really knew what he was doing).

When I spotted these cabochons for sale–I just had to have them. It is so rare to find them like this, and what beautiful jewelry they make! They are rare, and therefore a bit pricey–but you know that no one will have stones just like these. I do have them for sale polychrome2as of the time of this post–and believe me–I doubt they will be there for long! You can find them here.

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