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Having a New Studio

What is it like to actually have a studio outside of your home and in an artisan community?  It is different.  It is a responsibility.  You have to keep it clean and organized.  You have to have a retail area, which means keeping it pretty and keeping it filled.  It means paying rent.  It means having to get into your car to get there.  It means you have to remember to bring things back and forth to your home at times.  In the winter, it means you may not be able to get there in a snow storm and have a working day.

Metals studio
Setting up the studio

It means you are part of a larger artists community and understanding you’re not an isolated island.  It means making new friends.Whiting Mills It means that potential customers can walk in at any time, and want to see your studio, want to see you work, and maybe they want to buy something. It is a feeling that you have “made it.”  You can now officially call yourself an artist. You are included into groups you never knew existed. Whiting Mills SpaceThere is better space, better natural light, better flow.  You hear other artisans at work.  You have a building manager who takes care of the physical space that needs taking care of. Awards You become part of an artistic think tank for community efforts.  You get to feed off other artisan ideas and you get to support other artisans. You get to take care of your business as separate from your home life. You get to go home when you are done.

In a nutshell, having a studio is pretty great!  My studio is at Whiting Mills in Winsted Connecticut.  If you are ever in the area–please come and visit!  Here is the website:  Whiting Mills


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