Okay 2020–I am Crying UNCLE!!!

This year has thrown everything at us–including the kitchen sink! I am astounded at how much we all have had to deal with, and continue to have more challenges thrown at us.

Between the virus, the storms, the election, as well of cancellation of favorite activities and events, we have had to find new ways to live, entertain ourselves and re-invent. Bee and Jasper Earrings

Uncertainty is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most stress inducing conditions that we are dealing with. But there is one positive outcome from this–creativity.

When we are uncertain, we have to look at new ways to exist, new ways to play, new ways to work, and new ways to have fun and be stimulated. I for one, find myself swimming in new ideas for creating my metal jewelry. And in the near future, some of these new ideas will begin showing up in my shop.

Pretty soon, I will be starting school again (I work as a music therapist in a school for special needs). This is my day job, and I won’t have as much time for my jewelry as I have had over the summer. But something that will never leave is my newly discovered creativity. I will just have to learn to work more efficiently to implement these new ideas!

flowering tube agate pendant
Flowering Tube Onyx Pendant in Sterling Silver

Thifs year has been a challenge unlike any we have faced in our lifetimes. I cry UNCLE! But for now I am grateful to be healthy, and able to continue with my jewelry business. Once school starts, I will be facing new challenges, the biggest of which is to stay well, and still deliver services to our students who so desperately need us. I am lucky to live in Connecticut, where the virus numbers are lower than in many parts of the country. Let’s pray it stays that way!

I wish for you to find ways to use your creativity to help you cope, and to make your world a more beautiful place to be, especially now. We will get better!