I Have No Reason To Complain…

fallleavesWow-we are supposed to have Autumn here in New England USA, but it has felt like anything but!  With temperatures today near 80 degrees, it has felt more like August than Fall!  I have no reason to complain.

As I contemplate the change in seasons, I have a mixture of emotions. I live in this part of the country because I do enjoy the change in seasons, however, I mourn over the passing of the previous season.  I love summertime, with all of the beautiful birds, sunshine, long lazy days, and even the heat.  I love having the sunshine late into the evening, and early in the morning.  I love that you see your neighbors out and about, and you hear the children playing outdoors.  I have no reason to complain.

Now that Autumn is here, all but a few of the birds have migrated south, the vegetable garden is finished, and the leaves are dropping from the trees.  Because of our dry weather this year, the leaves are not turning as bright as usual, so our color change will not be as spectacular as last year.  The oddly warm weather makes you still think of summer, but the shorter days are at odds with this feeling.  I have no reason to complain.

And yes–it is busy season!  I work in a school as a music therapist and my jewelry making time has been limited.  The issue with this, is that it is also my busy show season!  I have had to plan ahead, and be sure that I spent my summer freedom wisely, creating enough inventory for the crazy holiday season.  I have no reason to complain!

I am extremely lucky this year, however.  I do not live in an area that has been devastated by hurricanes and other natural disasters.  Some colleagues have no school to go back to work in, and fellow jewelers have lost their entire studios, their tools, and their inventory to these disasters.  I HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN!  

To all the people whose work has been affected by the terrible disasters this year, I wish you healing, I wish for your speedy recovery back to “normal” and I hope you are up and running better than ever very soon.

If you would like to help a jeweler who has been affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma–and also the wildfires out West, A GoFundMe page has been set up to accept donations.  They are halfway to their goal!  Please consider helping!


Author: Lynne Patnode

Lynne Patnode is the artist-owner of SilverSpiral Creations–Nature Inspired Jewelry with Beautiful Stones.

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