Jeweler’s Hands Project

Are you a jeweler who has apologized for your “ugly hands”? Let me tell you a story…One day a customer asked me to take a picture of a ring I had for sale online—on my hand! I immediately responded that I would, but she would have to ignore my ugly hand. I said that it wouldn’t show off the ring in the best of light, and I sent the picture. Her response? “You don’t have ugly hands. You have beautiful hands because they make beautiful things”. Wow–just wow! I never looked at my hands in the same way again. No, my hands aren’t smooth, young, or pretty. They have scars and cuts, nails that won’t grow, and stubborn polishing compound that doesn’t always come out of the nail beds. No, my hands are not pretty. But they ARE beautiful, according to my customer. Thank you! I have never had beautiful hands before!


THE JEWELER’S HANDS PROJECT! Calling all jewelers! If you are a jeweler, we want to see a picture of your beautiful jeweler’s hand next to a picture of a finished handmade piece of jewelry! Post here in the comments…and Please credit your jewelry picture–add a link if you want! Tell us how many years your hands have made jewelry! Please feel free to share this post–Let’s create a movement!

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