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Jewelry in a Pandemic, Why it is Still Important & How to Wear It

Moctezuma Agate BraceletWow–I never thought I would be writing this, but here we are. So what jewelry do you wear during a Pandemic? With face masks, gloves and other PPE, why would you want or need jewelry?  For the same reasons as you always did.  Jewelry is adornment, it makes us feel pretty, and it emphasizes the aspects of your personality that you want to put out there.  Yes, we are covering ourselves more with masks and other PPE, but we still want to be unique, stand out as ourselves.  So what jewelry can we wear?

Rings and Casual Clothes

You can still wear earrings, even with a mask. As a matter of fact, wearing earrings is a way to be visible, because your mask hides so much of your face. Just be careful tucking the ear bands around your jewelry. Long earrings can really make you feel a bit fancier!

Bracelets don’t get hidden by PPE. Not only that, but they are something pretty for you to look at throughout the day. If you don’t like dangling things on your arms, cuff bracelets are a great alternative. You can get those in all shapes and sizes, colors and decoration.SilverSpiral Creations Favicon

Pendants and necklaces will also still be great to wear. Again, with your face hidden so much, and social distancing, a larger pendant would still be noticed by others, and can make you feel special!Blog Image Necklace

If you don’t have to wear gloves, rings are another great way to adorn yourself with jewelry. For those who like small rings, stacking rings are a great way to mix and match. For those who like bold rings, there are so many options to augment your personality, including stone rings, spinners, large silver rings, or gold if you can afford it!

And of course, many of us are meeting online, where you don’t need a mask, and you still can show all of your personality with your jewelry. Maybe your clothing is more casual, so wear jewelry that goes well with those outfits so that you can still make your personality statement.

So yes, jewelry is relevent, it is arguably essential to our human condition–wearable art, making us feel better, making us feel unique, and making us feel important.

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