Jewelry is So Important—WHY?

Did you ever wonder why jewelry is all around you–why it is so important to us humans?

Jewelry is such an intimate object, and a very personal experience.  I find that when I see a piece of jewelry for sale, it either “calls me” or it doesn’t.  As a jewelry artist and seller, I notice that many times, someone will come by my booth, pick up a piece of jewelry, try it on, put it back down and sometimes move on.  They return later, try it on again–look at a few other items, come back try it  on again–and ultimately purchase it.  They often tell me they just “have to buy it” –Has this happened to you? moon3villageweb

What about online?  If you are browsing through jewelry sites or Etsy, do you favorite certain items that call you?  Do you return later to buy that item that calls you the loudest?

So what is the psychology behind this–and why do YOU wear jewelry?  I did a little research, and found one that really brought it home for me:

  • Jewelry is created and designed for the human body.
  • The optimal position to view jewelry is while it is worn on another person’s body.
  • Jewelry is most valued by artists and patrons for its ability to bridge two people.
  • Wearing jewelry provides the moment, the object and the location for the activation of jewelry’s meaning.
  • Some collectors strengthen their relationships to artists by continuing to support and collect their jewelry.

“The wearer presents studio art jewelry in the public sphere, giving many viewers their first opportunity to engage with the work of art. In addition to their immediate response to the object and the intent of the artist, the viewer receives an unending stream of non-verbal communication from the wearer. Jewelry completes the necessary triangulation between the artist and viewer through the body and actions of the wearer.”***

So what is it for you?  Do you wear jewelry to stand out?  To connect with an artist? To fit in with a trend?  To create a look to go with a piece of an outfit?  To connect with Nature? To create meaning?  For metaphysical or healing reasons?  To show status or wealth?
I think we might choose our jewelry for many different reasons…and sometimes we change based on the stages and circumstances of our lives.  Whatever the reason, jewelry is an intimate decision–after all, we wear it on our own bodies–other than clothing–what can be more intimate than that?

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  • I love this quote: “The optimal position to view jewelry is while it is worn on another person’s body.”. I never really thought of it that way (silly me). I wear specific jewelry because I find the piece beautiful or fun. Also, specific pieces tend to represent certain people for me. For example, if I recieve a piece of jewelry from a friend or family member, it will always be full of meaning to me. I will always think of that person when I wear the piece. In a way, its like being with that person. I do also choose jewelry to go with outfits,…but I always have to love the piece. I have to love it and love the way it makes me feel.

  • I LOVE this! It just really speaks to me. It made me think about how I LOVE to accessorize. I appreciate a good, sexy pair of heels, but something about my jewelry just makes me feel complete. And depending on my mood of the day, determines what I choose. Some of my pieces are so meaningful to me, I just feel love when I wear them. Great post! 🙂

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for your insights! I feel much the same way about the jewelry I make. It is sometimes hard to sell some pieces because I don’t want to part with them :-). In fact, I have been known to take them off the market sometimes because I love some things too much!

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