Millions of Good Things

What frightening times we are living in.  As a resident of the USA, I am shaking my head at what appears to be chaos at every turn in our country.  As we are continually bombarded with the minute by minute bickering at our highest levels of government, I am left to wonder where our sense of civility has gone.  Where is the respect for one another?

Guess what!  I found it!  Where?  All around us.  It is in the small town that raises money to help our federal workers who have been unable to work through our Government shutdown.  I found it in a retired school teacher who handed me cash to help with our drama club production at the school I teach in.  I also found it in a student with special needs, who told me he never felt good about himself until he started taking music lessons.  Every day I witness tiny good gestures from many of my co-workers, friends and family.

Lifting a person up, one at a time…

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I found it in myself, trying everyday to do ONE GOOD THING for somebody.  Sometimes it is for a person in need, and other times it is simply to make someone’s day a little better.  If each and every one of us does one good thing everyday for somebody, that would add up to millions and millions and millions of good things.  I like those numbers!  Don’t you think they might be able to drown out the bad stuff that hits us daily?  So go ahead and turn off the news, and make your own, good news.  You deserve it!

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