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My Name is Artist, And I Have a Problem…

Tool Bench 1

All right, My name is not Artist, but I DO have a problem!  It is TOO MUCH STUFF!  

One of my biggest fears is that I will want to make something–that I HAVE to make something, and I won’t have the items, tools or equipment that I need to make it.  Artists, Crafters, and Makers create by inspiration.  When inspiration strikes, there is a feeling of urgency, before the inspiration goes away.

One of the hallmarks of an artist is that feeling of being driven to create something.  It is almost as if you have OCD–if you DON’T create it, something bad will happen.  This isn’t necessarily rational, but it is real.  There is that fear that if you don’t act on it, you will forget and everything you are will be diminished in some way. Tools8

So when you have that inspiration, you need to have the stuff to create it.  I feel sometimes as if I have an anxiety disorder.  Since I make jewelry with stones, I feel as if I see a very special stone–I MUST buy it–because if I don’t I will miss that opportunity to make something great with it.  Last month, I counted my stone cabochons, and I have over 1300 of them!  YES, 1300!

I also have tools that I have never used.  Many of those are because someday I want to try a new technique, but most of them are “just in case” I might need them.  I also am so afraid I will run out of sterling silver–so I have more supplies than necessary.  Not necessarily good for making a profit for my business.Tools1

So, yes, I have a problem.  I have more tools than my husband. I have a full finished basement where my studio is.  And it is completely filled up with stuff.  I constantly must re-organize, because I get new stuff and I need to find a place for it.  And I can’t throw away old stuff because if I get the inspiration, I must have the STUFF!

Yes, my name is Lynne, and I have a problem! Tools3







Lynne Patnode is the owner and artist at SilverSpiralCreations. She makes Jewelry that is inspired by Nature, using Sterling Silver and Nature’s most beautiful stones.  You can shop for her jewelry at SilverSpiral Creations on Etsy

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