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Privacy Policy

Many of you may have heard of the new GDPR rules which requires websites who are viewed and/or used by members of the European Union, to disclose how your information is being collected and used.  First, let me just say that your privacy is very important to us.  The only data we have collected in the past from anyone is an email address and name for purposes of us sending out a newsletter.

We have since eliminated the Newsletter option and any or all data collected for that purpose has been deleted and none of that data has been retained in any form, electronically or on paper.  It has never been shared with anyone.

For items purchased on my Etsy shop, the data we have access to includes your name, address, email,  items you have purchased and amount you have spent.  We have NO access to your credit card or other payment information.  Your data is stored on the Etsy site and is encrypted and protected by Etsy.  They have their own very strict privacy policies that you can access on   Any data we have access to is strictly limited to notifying you about issues concerning your order, or to let you know via email that I have items available to you that you had requested.  We do NOT share your data with anyone, we do not retain it in paper form, and we do not store it anywhere electronically other than with Etsy.

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