Sentimental Journey—How do you choose your jewelry?

This past summer, I had the privilege of being able to travel to Germany, the Czech Republic, and the south of France.  These are three very different regions, with their own customs, beauty, and geology. alps1
 The beautiful countryside, the alps, the vineyards, and the wonderful architecture of the buildings, inspired me by their shapes, colors, light, and the sensory overload is difficult to describe.  Some regions call to me to return, while others, not so much.

newwebturquoisecuffIt is much the same when you look at lots of jewelry.  Each piece, with it’s design, stone colors, patterns, and textures all come together to give you a feeling.  Sometimes the feeling is neutral, while other times, this tiny piece of art just calls you.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, my eye keeps traveling back to one piece of jewelry, and If I walk away, I will usually regret not purchasing it.  I have never been sorry when I gave in to buy the piece that calls to me, and it usually becomes a favorite that I wear whenever I can.

webchrysoprase2Chrysoprase in Sterling Silver.

Has this been your experience?  Please share a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry!  I would love to see!

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