Taking a Break From Social Media-A Good Idea for an Online Business?


This past month, I took a break from social media. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others. My business is also on Facebook and Instagram. Of course I have a shop on Etsy, and my own website/blog.

So, was it a good idea? As it turns out, maybe yes! These past 2 months, social media was alive with political commentary, news items that were highlighting some of the worst of humanity, and it became too much for my stress level. So I turned it off for awhile–worrying that perhaps it might hurt business.  Social Media vacation

As it turned out–It hadn’t made any difference–I actually saw an INCREASE in orders! Why? Perhaps it was because I could spend more time on creating new jewelry, adding new pieces to my shop.

Green Unakite Earrings

I have a feeling that I was not alone in avoiding social media. I would love to see numbers of how many others felt this way, and were not as interactive as usual. How about you?

I would love to know your thoughts on this! Leave me a comment–

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