The Catbird Never Said Good-bye

One of the best parts of spring and summer for me, is the return of the Catbirds.  Especially this year, spending more time at home due to the pandemic, I have enjoyed watching the Catbird family come to my feeder, right next to me while I sat on my deck.  Now that it is the end of August, my Catbird family seems to have left on its long journey south.  I am fascinated by the birds’ migration.  how does this take place–what is the exact signal that propels them to their winter homes?  How do they travel all of that distance, leaving in the middle of the night?  And they never said good-bye.  One day the whole family is there, the next day, no sign of them and you no longer hear their distinctive call.  I already miss them.Catbird

What does that have to do with jewelry?  Probably nothing, and yet everything.  The idea that we are all creatures driven by the seasons, is inherent for all of us.  I always feel as if the new year really starts in September, driven probably from the idea of school starting everywhere.  I feel as if this is the time when we change over, getting ready for the busy-ness that our lives will take on now that summer is over.  We spend all year looking forward to summer, then look to the possibilities of our “new” year.  After what we have been through this 2020 year, let’s hope for new possibilities.  Let’s hope for change–a change that sees the pandemic bury it’s ugly head, that people can get back to a better normal, and that when my Catbird family returns, we will be looking at a very different summer next year.

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