The Free Bohemian Woman

What does it mean to be a “Free Bohemian Woman?” Is it how she dresses? How she thinks? How she behaves? How she votes? Is it a lifestyle, a choice? Is she liberal, or conservative? Is she any age?

These are questions that will be answered differently depending on where you live, how old you are, and whatever your philosophy.

But I think there are things we can agree on when we conjure up this woman. She is connected to nature. She is independent. She does not always follow the latest fashion trends. She is true to herself whatever that self is. She votes for what she strongly believes in, and not how her family or friends believe she should. Her clothing is put together in wonderfully unique ways. She can swing from lots of color to lots of neutrals, lots of texture. She tolerates imperfection and often embraces it. She loves things that are made with soul, especially hand made. She loves having things that no one else has, one of a kind. She is one of a kind. Period.

Does this describe you, or anyone you know?

About the Author:  Lynne Patnode is an independent jewelry artist who creates handmade bohemian jewelry using some of nature’s most exotic stones.  Her creations can be viewed in her Etsy store


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