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The Time Has Come

Hello Everyone!  I am excited to tell you that we are moving to the next step in the SilverSpiral Creations Business.  Today we will be launching our new SilverSpiral Creations online store and will be phasing out our Etsy Store.

As many of you know, we moved our studio to a larger space.  We began to offer metalsmith classes, in addition to selling our own handmade jewelry.  My online presence has been in several places, on Etsy, Facebook, IG and Pinterest, plus we had our own website.  I have always wanted to have my own platform for my online store, where I would have the freedom to post what I want, in the format and design that is more in line with you—my ideal customers and friends.  While Etsy has been good to me over the years, and I have no complaints with Etsy, I feel it is time to be out on my own, and be out on my own terms. Earrings in Nature

While this is a bit scary, it is time.  We all must move forward with a little risk in order to have big gains.  To my loyal customers and friends, nothing will change about my service to you or my relationship with you.  In fact, it may be even better!  I would love to invite you into my community!  I plan to have a private community group on Facebook for my metalsmith students, as well as a community for those who love to talk about stone jewelry.  I love knowing and hearing about the jewelry people own and love, particularly with nature’s stones.  It inspires me, and I know that we can share tips on choosing, wearing, and upscaling our beloved pieces.   My goal is to make SilverSpiral Creations a hub of relationships for  a like-minded community of folks.

I hope you will join me in this new chapter for SilverSpiral Creations.  Please consider signing up for my Newsletter (no spamming, I promise).  Let’s just get together and have fun!  Oh, and by the way—wish me luck!

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