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What is Your Gemstone Personality?

Personality and Gemstones


Did you ever wonder about your personality and how it resembles some of the gemstones you love or hate?    Did you ever think about the how the color or type of gemstone relates to you personally?

To get to the heart of these questions, I did some research on the meanings of gemstones to find out more about how they fit into our daily lives.



Here are some of the impressions and facts I found:

  • Gemstones represent wealth, power, status, beauty, assurance, and protections
  • For centuries, many cultures believed hiding gemstones in garments or against your chest would provide health and protection. 
  • Gemstones are from deep in the earth, many believe they hold answers to life’s questions that we must face.
  • Gemstone colors represent how a person is perceived–strong, weak, emotional, wealthy or poor



So How Do Gemstones Relate to Personality?

Many people believe that the stones you choose relate to your personality.

I think the best way to answer this question is by looking at the “meaning”  attributed to each gemstone, and extract your personality traits based on the stones you are drawn to.  There are many such charts available online, and from what I can tell, most are in agreement with each other.  I have an open mind about the metaphysical properties and meanings of these gemstones, and when I compare the stones that I choose with the properties, I find them to be pretty close to my feelings about who I am.  Here are some charts you can look at, for you to decide for yourself!

Mystic jewel        Free Spirit Emporium        Crystal Guide     Healing Crystals

I would love to hear from you!  Do you have a personality that relates to a gemstone?  If so, which one!  For example, one of my favorite gemstones is fluorite (as pictured above) and I am a person who is always seeking peace (I have always been a peace maker).  Fluorite is a stone that helps with inner peace.

So,  do you think this is a stretch?  Or do you believe in this?  I would love to know!

Have a wonderful and peaceful week, everyone!

Lynne Patnode 

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  • Hi Lynne, I don’t wear my birthstone (aquamarine) much anymore. I’ve been really into amethyst this past year, which is interesting because one of the charts above said it helps break bad habits and I’ve been putting a lot of effort into creating new healthy habits recently and breaking bad ones … coincidence? I don’t think so.

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