Who Am I?

Well, it has been awhile since I posted…I have been going through an identity crisis of sorts. As a jewelry artist–I wondered, what makes me make what I do? Does it speak to me? Does it speak to others? Then one day, I was doing something unrelated and boring–and it came to me.

I have always loved pretty rocks–ever since I was a small child. But you can’t easily carry bunches of pretty rocks to share with others. I almost became a geologist–but I didn’t want to do all that technical stuff. So for years, I did nothing with that passion–and pursued my other love, music.

In my later years, I was in a store one day and saw some beautiful stone beads–and was overwhelmed by the urge to make a necklace–so I purchased the requisite tools and made my first necklace—I figured it out!!! I can wear beautiful stones and share them that way! Beading became metalworking, eventually culminating in many jewelry pieces. I had too many to wear, so I began to give some away, then I opened a store (after all, I need to fund this passion). I buy all of the beautiful cabochons and beads that I can afford and transform them into wearable stones!

That is who I am! I transform nature’s beautiful stones into wearable art–therefore my designs are simple, to show off the natural beauty of nature’s work! Now I feel like I have more focus—and understanding of what I am doing as a jewelry artist–

Oh yeah–and sometimes I play with glass–trying to mimic nature’s beauty—

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