Why is Handmade Jewelry So Expensive?

If I can go to the “Department” Store, I can get a piece of nice jewelry for half the price!  Why should I buy something handmade? Poppy Jasper Necklace This is a question that can drive an artist to depression, but maybe it is a matter of changing perception!  So why buy handcrafted or handmade jewelry?

floral plume agateLet’s take a look.  This Floral Plume Agate piece is handmade from start to finish.  The stone was mined in the Turkey.  A miner sold the rough stone to a lapidary artist, who made it into a beautiful cabochon, finding the best part of the stone and creating this beauty.  I come along and purchased this stone from him, and I “dressed” it up using sterling silver.  The silver is purchased, then it is formed using techniques such as rolling, stamping, soldering, shaping and forming.

The silver is designed around this individual stone.  It is a one of a kind stone–not mass produced, and you cannot find the exact shape, color or design of this stone.  Therefore, the silver around it is also unique.  Your jewelry is NOT worn by anyone else.  Opal Ring

At the department store, the jewelry is designed by a jeweler, then most often sent overseas to be created, with stones that are mass produced, and the silver is molded by machine into a form, then filed, sanded and polished by skilled laborers.  No one cares about the jewelry they are making. And they are not making it for “you” a particular customer.

Silver Lace Jasper Necklace
When you purchase something handmade from start to finish, and it is something you like, it is something you can have that came from the soul of the artist.

Rhodochrosite Dangle earrings
It is a connection that youcannot get from a mass produced item.  In the case of my stone jewelry, it is the soul of 2 artists–the one who created the stone, and the one who created the silver dressing around the stone.

What is that worth it to you?

Bridewell stone Necklace

Lynne Patnode is a jewelry artist whose main focus is to bring jewelry from nature to you.  She selects beautiful stone cabochons and sets them into sterling silver, focusing on bringing nature’s beauty into a wearable art jewelry form.  She also uses other materials such as glass, shells, and lab created stones and uses them for nature inspired theme jewelry.  All of her jewelry is handcrafted in her Connecticut art studio, and all pieces are one of a kind.  You can shop for her jewelry in her Etsy Shop.  You can also follow her latest news by liking her SilverSpiral Creations Facebook Page.  Find her on Instagram @SilverSpiral1, and Twitter @SilverSpiral1

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