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Dichroic Glass Jewelry Workshop, Basic Glass Fusing

January 8th and 9th 2022

Do you love the look of beautiful dichroic glass?  You can make beautiful jewelry in this 2-day (half days) workshop!  Explore the gorgeous array of glasses that you fire in a kiln, and that you can use to make a beautiful piece of jewelry! On the first day, you will layer and fire 3 pieces of glass jewelry. Dichroic GlassOn day 2, you will grind your pieces into shape and complete your pendant with a fire polish in the kiln.  You will be able to pick up your jewelry later in the day or have it mailed to you (it will be mailed out to you on the next business day).  Explore this great world of jewelry making and have a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift to someone!  Are you a metalsmith?  Make beautiful glass cabochons for your sophisticated pieces!

$30 Materials Fee will be collected at the workshop.

January 8th & 9th, 2022


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Instructor:  Lynne Patnode

Lynne Patnode is the Owner of Silverspiral Creations, LLC.  She is a metalsmith instructor and has has regularly included glass fusing in her jewelry for over 17 years.  Her pieces can be seen at her studio location at 100 Whiting Street, Studio 310 at Whiting Mills in Winsted, CT.



`Precious Metal Clay PendantBasic Level 1– Precious Metal Clay Workshop Now Enrolling!

If you like working with clay, and you love silver jewelry–this is the best of both worlds!  Learn how to use precious metal clay which, when fired, creates a solid silver form.  You will create a beautiful piece of jewelry from this Precious Metal Silver Clay, and will go home with your choice of a pendant, ring, or earrings.  The price of the workshop includes 25g of silver clay, and tools will be provided for your use during the workshop. Handouts will be available as well.

January 15th/16th, 2022

Saturday/Sunday  10:00 AM-2 PM.

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Nationally Renowned Metalsmith Jayne Redman Presents 3-Day Master Workshop

Creating Blanking Dies and Pattern Development”

for Experienced Metalsmiths in our Silverspiral Creations Studio!


Workshop Description:  Blanking Dies and Pattern Development.   $525.  

April 1-3 2022. 10AM-4PM Each Day. Book This Workshop

Self-registering one-piece blanking dies allow you to easily cut out precise duplicate shapes from silver, gold and other non-ferrous sheet metals,affording you time to get lost in the design process and experiment with forming and assembling. Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own jewelry for more than 25 years and has developed ways of creating dies and blanking multiples that dramatically speed up production. This workshop will teach you how to properly develop patterns that will result in successful blanking dies and introduce you to many of the engineering concepts that Jayne works with in her jewelry. She will take you through the design process from initial drawings to final prototypes and finished pieces. You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own dies during class. Students will receive a detailed step by step handout. Jayne will supply a rotational bench pin with aluminum sawing surface and magnetic protractor for each student to use.

Techniques taught:Jayne Redman

  • Engineering for centrally radiating forms, properly nested forms, spacing for slotted forms, using faux hinging, and tab construction

  • Prototyping with heavy aluminum foil

  • Layout for developing flat patterns used for three dimensional forms

  • Layout for a correctly designed blanking die

  • How to correctly use a saw frame and choosing saw blades for sawing tool steel

  • How to determine rotational angle of your bench pin relative to thickness of tool steel and saw blade

  • How to saw a blanking die out of tool steel

  • How to use a hydraulic press or bench vise to blank out metal with blanking dies

  • Tips and tricks using flex shaft accessories

  • How to make your own forming tools


Jayne Redman Tools/materials  will be available for purchase at special student discounts. An order form will be sent to each student for pre-orders so Jayne can know how many to bring.

Prices to be supplied closer to the workshop date:

1/32” Tool Steel – This tool steel is meant for cutting out 22 gauge or thinner metal sheet

3/64” tool steel – This tool steel is meant for cutting out 18 gauge or thinner metal sheet

Saw blades, #3/0

Magnetic Protractor

3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ cast acrylic

24 gauge copper sheet


Tools and Materials for students: Rio Grande and other links are provided for reference

Silverspiral Creations will supply the following tools for participants to use in the workshop:

Flexible shaft:

Center punch: Rio Grande – Or 1.5mm ball bur: Rio Grande

Dividers: Rio Grande

Bur life: Rio Grande

Drill bits: #58 or #60, Rio Grande

5″ or 6″ deep saw frame: Rio Grande

Flat or half round hand file, #0 or #1 cut, Rio Grande – Or belt sander from a hardware store

Snap-on-disc: Rio Grande

Snap-on-disc mandrel: Rio Grande

Metal: Copper and/or brass,  22 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 1/32” thick – 18 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 3/64” thick

Copper and/or brass to test dies.

Shears like Joyce Chen Shears to cut thin metal: Amazon or Kitchen store

Rubber cement or Scotch Permanent Glue Stick – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon

Scissors – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon

Ruler – Office supply store like Staples or Amazon


Paper, including tracing paper and white printer/copier paper. Drawing materials including rulers, Sharpie markers, pencils and erasers, compasses, and plastic circle and oval templates: Office supply store like Staples or Amazon


Dust mask

Safety Glasses and eye magnification if needed


Silver or gold sheet: 22 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 1/32” thick – 18 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 3/64” thick

Silver or gold wire for finished pieces – assorted gauges. I use 20 gauge for ear wires.

Online Metals, Round bar pack natural acetal – Discount price for Delrin rod assortment

Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Bur: Rio Grande – 25mm x 6.3mm, 25mm x 4.7mm, 25mm x 3.3mm

Wolf Clay: A change your life positioning clay for soldering, $45. Jayne can add to your kit or you can order from Kate Wolf:

Additional saw blades 2/0 or 3/0,

Super Pike Saw Blades: Otto Frei

Pike Platinum Saw Blades: Otto Frei


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A Trio of Shellscape Pendants with Master Artist Shaari Horowitz3 D Acrylic Pendant

Explore a new way to re-imagine and honor those treasured ocean finds (Or other found objects)!

SPRING DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED   12-3 PM     (Tuition Includes materials)

Students will design and finish three beautiful mixed- media “shellscape” collages arranged in silver-plated pendants using miniature shells, and shell fragments, jewelry grade resin and epoxy clay.  Learn two techniques and combine them to create three different designs.

Additional materials will be available for purchase to create more pendants outside of class, at your leisure.



About the Artist:

Shaari Horowitz

In rural northwestern Connecticut, Shaari Horowitz makes the 150 foot commute from her house to the 19th century barn which serves as workshop and studio. Here, under the watchful eyes & critical supervision of her shop cats, she practices her passion for painting and craft.

Shaari is a graduate of Pratt Institute, and as a highly regarded award winning artist, has worked throughout the United States as a mural painter specializing in the style of trompe l’oeil for over two decades.  Working with her husband, Alistair Jones, a master furniture-maker, she also makes and sells award-winning hand-painted and gilded wood bowls at well-respected art shows across the country.  This work is based on an old world color palette, with patterns & imagery stemming from classical sources such as medieval manuscripts, ancient textiles, & the Frescoes of Pompeii.


A constant drive to experiment and explore new interests has led Shaari to the art of jewelry making.  Guided by her love of the ocean and years of long walks on the beach gathering shells and fragments, she has discovered a way to combine the joys of creating and collecting. Using these gifts from the sea, she designs “mini-seascapes” that become tiny, wearable worlds encased in a pendant.

The opportunity to teach these techniques allows her to share unique and lasting ways of showcasing these found treasures and the memories they carry.


Gemstones 101–Learning about Semi-Precious Gemstones with Jennifer Bilsbury of Gemstone Bliss



Gemstone energies overview

Have you ever felt drawn to work with a certain gemstone(s)? There may be a reason why!

Classic gemstones

We’ll take a look at some classic stones and their meanings. (Free gift)

Care and maintenance

Easy ways to care for and clear your gemstones

Bring me your gemstones!

I will help you identify stones you may have that you aren’t sure what they are.

Gemstone readings

Quick card readings around the room, let’s have fun with it!

Q & A

(Take home handouts will be provided)

Jennifer Bilsbury is a lover of all things gemstones, She is a full time Graphic Designer and a founding member of the Collinsville Artisan Co-op in Collinsville, CT. Jennifer is the owner of Gemstone Bliss Jewelry, reiki-infused aromatherapy gemstone jewelry for your well-being. Her jewelry is sold online and in local shops all around the Farmington Valley.